Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day of Thanks...

It is a crisp and bright Thanksgiving morning here in the hills of New England.
The first rime of ice is spread across the land and Jack Frost’s handiwork is everywhere.The dry stalks of golden rod are silvered and bowed, accepting the season gracefully.Chrysanthemums, once russet red, are draped in hoary lace and all is transformed by the magic of ice crystals and early morning light. Soon white will dominate the landscape and my heart will wax less poetic on the topic of ice, but for now, I as am enchanted as a child at this wonder of nature.

The chickadees fill the stately lilac near the kitchen window and noisily voice their enthusiasm for the warm sunflower seeds in the recently filled feeder. Their cheerful company, so close at hand, will delight me all winter long. I will marvel at their resilience despite frigid temperatures and blustery Artic air. They seem so accepting of whatever the day contains and make the best of trying situations. We Americans could learn a lesson from their pluck and tolerant attitudes as we gather together this Thanksgiving, during these tumultuous times.

As we look around the table at new friends and old, relatives and neighbors, and share the bounty of this holiday, may we rekindle the hopefulness of that first Thanksgiving. A moment in time where Massasoit, the great sachem of the Wampanoag people and leaders of the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts brought their families together to celebrate the bounty of the land and built bridges of understanding between two separate worlds.

May you all have fond memories to savor on this Thanksgiving Day…

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day for America

An overcast sky and November’s brown and grey landscape cannot dim the brightness of this momentous morning. This day, America reclaims her promise and we stand witness to the victory of hope over fear, of positive action over negativity and lies. Audacity indeed!

This long tumultuous campaign that captured the hearts and minds of the formerly disenfranchised and the “oblivious by choice” populace has ultimately given birth to a new nation. We have done the unthinkable; we have risen above complexion, and seen intelligence and integrity. We have been inspired by confidence and eloquence and commonsense. We have dared to believe that we could collectively take back the reins of power through commitment and the democratic process, to change the course of America,domestically and abroad.

As the financial house of cards comes tumbling down and raw greed and irresponsibility is exposed for all to see, we have chosen a leader committed to tapping the most astute minds across party lines to get us back to fundamentals. A leader to disengage us from wars we never wanted, who will use dialogue and diplomacy instead of unilateral aggression in the complex world we find ourselves in. He will inspire us to seek innovative solutions to finally address environmental issues long ignored and sacrificed for profit.

What a daunting job lies before President-elect Obama. But what a newly roused army of committed citizenry to do what needs to be done to insure a better country for the generations to come. Ask any of us this morning, “Can you possibly do all this?” and hear the resounding reply from across this land,"Yes, we can!”

Welcome back America! We are proud to call you home!