Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Solstice / Long Days Time

After many weeks of heavy rain, blustery wind, and fire in the woodstove to cancel the persistent chill, the Summer Solstice has arrived in splendid fashion.
Brilliant sun falls through the lush foliage, woven into a living tapestry around my woodland home.
Golden-green light suffuses the air, as tree boughs bend and dip in the benign breeze.
The resident creatures emit a collective sigh of pleasure to find themselves under a cerulean sky, basking in warm sun or lolling in cool shade, after a challenging spring.
The nesting birds have had the hardest time, violently tossed about in the frequent storms as arctic fronts clashed with humid weather from the south.
It seems the black bears have fared better. They shyly emerge in my yard from time to time, coats glossy blue-black and radiating good health, despite the long winter and raw spring.
Butterflies and bees seem more plentiful this year, as the late-blooming rhododendron opens her fuchsia flowers and irresistibly draws them near, en masse.
The Long Days Time arrives with the Solstice, as Nature starts to slow her pace and put efforts toward the growing fruit. The Long Days Time announces the fulfillment of spring’s promise of abundance resulting from a firm rooting in the Earth. It is the first of the three cycles of the summer season
 Today is the height of the year, the Zenith Sun, the longest day and shortest night…
It was a magical time in cultures around the world for many centuries. Bonfires blazed and blessings were petitioned for with cake and ale…
It is still a cherished time for humanity as a whole, as we slow down and savor the beauty of the season.
May your gardens be fruitful and good times plentiful, as you gather to celebrate the summer days to come.