Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Brand New World

Pale gold illuminates a tangle of bare trees as the morning sun climbs the hill.
Deep in snow, they stand silhouetted in the frigid air. The light shifts ever so slightly to copper, as a pair of crows shatter the stillness with their noisy arrival.

Even this far from the marbled halls of Washington,DC there is something in the air,a palpable feeling of a new beginning, of hope, despite the cold realities of the season and the times. This morning’s sun has risen on a brand new world.

Yesterday’s inauguration of Barack Obama was the catalyst for this transformation.

In ancient Rome when the “augurs", groups of priests and officials,
met to interpret omens about favorable or unfavorable days to come,
things were pretty much black and white, good or bad.

As the newly inducted President of the United States stood on Capitol Hill
and looked out over a sea of humanity, whose ancestors represented all the
peoples of the world,he spoke the truth, the cold, hard facts.
The omens were not good.Things must change and be rebuilt.Sacrifices must be made.

But simmering in the crowd of 1.9 million people and the hearts and minds of millions more watching on televisions, computers and listening on the radio was a potent elixir that the augurs of old were helpless to harness… the hope and will of the collective consciousness.

As this eloquent, honorable man said so straight forwardly,”Sixty years ago my father could not have been served in a restaurant in Washington and yet I stand before you today.” And in this reminded us that the will and hope of the people put him there.

A shift in consciousness has taken place and as Barack Obama is quick to remind us,
this is not about him. This is about us as individuals and the choices we choose to make.

We Americans feel a pride and joy this morning that has been long in coming. We are choosing a new way to “be” in this world. A new way that will enable America to live up to her incredible promise and inspire the world by example not military force.

It is a brand new day and all things are possible… How will you choose to be…
Exciting isn't it!