Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

A radiant sun, in cloudless blue, shimmers across the crystalline snow
that now lays claim to the land.
It enervates and elevates the mood of all living things, despite the bitter cold.
Here in the deep woods we have been experiencing winter for a few weeks now
despite today’s official start.
The Eastern seaboard of the U.S. had record breaking snows over the weekend. Washington, DC was all but closed down.
But here in the wilds of New England we just bring in more wood and stoke the
fire that is crackling in the woodstove.
All are very mindful of the turning of the season, as darkness now falls by 4 pm.
Both man and beast will easily align in rhythm with this longest night… and drift into peaceful slumbers.
All night revels and bonfires of old will be postponed by the general populace,
in lieu of holidays to come.
But it is indeed a special gift for such a Solstice day as this…
The sun will make a glorious exit before the darkness falls.
And the wheel of the year will turn and again we have come full circle.
Most of us will happily release the economic challenges faced this year and embrace the festivals of light, love and good cheer that lead us into the new one.
May all of us fare better in the New Year, including this remarkable planet that is our home.
Wishing you and yours a luminous journey!
HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE and best wishes for all the pleasures of the season.

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